Sponsr.Us Catalyst Clubs

Students across the nation are inspiring youth entrepreneurship in their communities.

What are Sponsr.Us Catalyst Clubs?

These student-led groups promote entrepreneurial thinking through a wide variety of events, backed by the funding, mentorship, and support of our national non-profit.

Your Catalyst Club could do anything you think helps advance youth leadership, including:

Spark Talks

Invite elected officials, local business leaders, journalists, or whoever else you find inspiring into your community to share their experiences about advancing change.


Host a community discussion for your peers to come together talk about how to solve the issues you're passionate about whether it’s animal adoption, transgender inclusiveness, women in STEM, or student-led activism.


Teach your peers new skills, such a design thinking, marketing, web development, or whatever else you think can help people think more creatively about making change within their communities.


Partner with a non-profit, community organization, or perhaps even your own school to offer student-led solutions to problems within your community

Got another idea? We're open to it! We're looking for Sponsr.Us Catalyst Clubs to be creative in supporting our mission of inspiring youth in communities to launch new initiatives.

What are the requirements for being a Sponsr.Us Catalyst Club?

We're looking for students, as Sponsr.Us Catalyst Club Leaders, to think entrepreneurially, so we don't have many requirements, giving and your peers the space you need to create what makes the most sense for your community. However, to keep the quality of this program high, we have the following requirements:


We require each Sponsr.Us Catalyst Club to have at least 3 people committed to leading the initiative.


It can be a teacher, a parent, a counselor, an administrator, or a coach, but we want to see you working with at least one adult advisor.

Regular events

We want you to be active and getting out there in your community. Therefore, we expect to see regular events

This sounds awesome. How do I start a Sponsr.Us Catalyst Club?

It's simple. Just fill out this form and we'll be in touch.

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