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We run conferences and workshops across the country to inspire, support, and connect youth leaders within their communities.

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Happy Healthy Humanity

Salem, MA

We’re bettering the lives of children living in the inpatient and emergency wards at MassGeneral for Children Hospital in Salem, MA.

130% funded

Coronado Speech and Debate

Henderson, NV

Coronado Speech and Debate wants to make travel competitions accessible to all students regardless of financial situation.

130% funded


Richmond, VA

SEW for SOS sews positive pillows with kind and inspirational messages inside for individuals who are going through rough times.

186% funded


Highland Park, IL

GIVE aims to enhance education and promote empathy through sending preloaded educational laptops to Uganda

265% funded

Sponsr.Us is a passionate team of student volunteers...

Janvi Puri
Catalyst Club Leader

Alex Jo
Director, Development

Brandon Wang
Alumni Advisor
Harvard University

Irene Kim
Chapter Director, Harvard
Harvard University

Gregory Hosono
Alumni Advisor
New York University

Visvajit Sriramrajan
Director, Community

Ada Chai
Catalyst Club Leader

Ryan Brigden
Regional Director, Pittsburgh
Carnegie Mellon University

Hima Tammineedi
Director, Projects
Carnegie Mellon University

Arnav Agrawal
Chapter Director, Harvard
Harvard University

Eric Ouyang
Alumni Advisor
Harvard University

Sayan Bhattacharjee
Catalyst Club Leader

Katherine Emley
Chapter Director, Harvard
Harvard University

Caty Tramont
Catalyst Club Associate Director

Kevin Song
Alumni Advisor
University of Notre Dame

Allyson Lee
Catalyst Club Director

Parima Sharma
Catalyst Club Leader

Mudit Goyal
Director, Operations
University of California, Berkeley

Runi Chakraborty
Catalyst Club Director

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