Sponsr.Us Ignite @ Harvard

A free one-day conference for high school students to learn how to launch their own initiatives.

Maxwell Dworkin Building

March 29th 2014 @ 10 a.m.

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At Sponsr.Us, we believe that students — through their passion and their ideas — have the potential to make positive impact. Through launching clubs, community service projects, and non-profits, students can leverage change in areas that they are passionate about. We want to help catalyze that process — Sponsr.Us Ignite is one way we're doing exactly that.

Sponsr.Us Ignite equips you with tools to launch your own initiative — whatever it may be. We've brought in experts to teach a range of topics, including pitching your ideas, developing marketing strategies, and building websites. While it's only a one-day event, it will open new doors for you to explore.

We want to build a community of student leaders. Throughout the day, you'll get a chance to interact with like-minded students — perhaps even find people to collaborate with on a future initiative. We've built time into the schedule so that you can get to know one other, the speakers, and the workshop leaders. This is an intimate event.

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Saturday, March 29, 2014
10:00am – 5:00pm
Lunch sponsored by Boloco

Maxwell Dworkin Building
Harvard University
33 Oxford Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
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Keynote Speakers

Daniel Koh

Daniel Koh

Chief of Staff, City of Boston
Former General Manager of HuffPo Live

Nadeem Mazen

Nadeem Mazen

City Councillor, Cambridge
Co-founder of danger!awesome

Workshop Leaders

Hugo Van Vuuren

Hugo Van Vuuren

Founding Partner, XFund

Chris Goldstein

Chris Goldstein

Co-founder, Kartis

Bob Thibodeau

Bob Thibodeau

Founder, Mariner Capital

Casey Gerald

Casey Gerald

Co-Founder & CEO, MBAs Across America

Kara Kubarych

Kara Kubarych

Co-founder, Harvard Social Innovation Collaborative

Fay Rotenberg

Fay Rotenberg

VC Investor & Venture Developer

... and more!




10:00am - Registration

10:30am - Kickoff & opening speaker

11:30am First small-group workshop

12:30pm - Lunch

1:30pm - Second small-group workshop

2:30pm - Third small-group workshop

3:30pm - Closing speaker

4:30pm - Wrap-up & next steps


How much does Sponsr.Us Ignite cost?

It's free! Sponsr.Us and its supporters make it possible.

Do I need an idea to participate?

Nope. But if you do, great! Otherwise, we hope to inspire you and give you the tools to make a future idea possible.

Will there be food?

Of course! We're serving some fantastic burritos from Boloco for lunch. If you have dietary restrictions, please indicate them on the registration form.

Who can participate?

We're open to all high school students excited about learning how to launch their own initiatives. No background, expertise, or project required.

What is Sponsr.Us?

We're a student-run non-profit organization catalyzing student initiatives through events, such as Ignite, as well as through online crowd-fundraising and mentorship. Learn more on our website »

I'm interested in helping out as a workshop leader or sponsor! How do I get in touch?

That's awesome! We'd love to hear from you. Just send an email to ignite [at] sponsr.us

Can my parents come?

Due to space constraints, we're not able to accommodate parents. We can, however, accommodate a limited number of chaperones. If you will be doing this, please notify us in advance.

I still have a question! Who do I talk to?

We'll have an answer. Drop us a question - ignite [at] sponsr.us